March 07, 2019

Employment inclusion: CISE TP signs a national agreement with the AFPA

Via the Saur Water Academy, Cise TP signed a national agreement at the AFPA adult and vocational training centre in Doué-la-Fontaine on 7 March setting out its commitment to provide employment opportunities and training for employees under professional training contracts. This partnership follows up on a pilot experiment run last year in Nîmes and its surrounding area. With this national partnership, Cise TP wishes to promote its work/study recruitment campaign and recruit the future pipelayers needed by its branches throughout France. This partnership addresses a number of different goals:
  • Recruitment via employment inclusion: by implementing its own principles of equal opportunity, diversity and discrimination prevention, the Saur Group prioritises the employment inclusion of jobseekers at the earliest opportunity when recruitment opportunities arise
  • Local recruitment: working with the 2018-2019 intake of trainees at four AFPA training centres, we will soon have recruited and trained more than 30 employees with the assistance of the Pole Emploi national employment service, Constructys and other local job creation, employment inclusion and training partners
  • Recruiting to fill areas of employment with high demand: Cise TP has 53 pipelayre vacancies to fill throughout France, and is offering guaranteed jobs in an area of expertise where employers are struggling to find staff

An agreement that structures the regional network

The AFPA will have responsibility for the training aspects of the employment inclusion project. The collaboration began in 2018 with a local project conducted in association with the AFPA training centre in Nîmes. Following the unqualified success of this experimental pilot, the national rollout will be structured around:
  • The Lorient and Nîmes Centres: the candidates for these two AFPA training centres signed their professional training contracts on 11 February this year, following a very encouraging hands-on employment preparatory (POEC) course. We had a total of 13 vacancies to fill, and all 13 have been filled
  • The Doué-la-Fontaine Centre: we had 19 vacancies to fill, and 10 applicants have been recruited. They are now completing their preparatory training course, and are due to sign their professional training contracts on 7 March
  • The Bernes-sur-Oise Centre: 21 vacancies to be filled with the assistance of the Persan, Marne-la-Vallée, Rosny-sur-Seine and Roye branches of the Pole Emploi national employment service. The selection process and group information sessions began on 19 February

A fast track to employment

Once the professional training contracts have been signed, all these employees will join the Cise TP branches they have been allocated to and will work for. The Saur infrastructures contracting subsidiary will then be responsible for their field training. On completion of the work-study training course, the employees must pass a final exam to obtain the Level V Pipelayer professional qualification awarded by the French Employment Ministry. All vacancies are available on Pascal Brindejonc, Head of Training at Saur:“We must do more in terms of employment inclusion, especially since the careers involved are experiencing significant shortages of applicants. This agreement is a powerful way to converge the needs and resources of private companies like ours with public-sector jobs and employment inclusion agencies. The Nîmes experiment showed that we can use this convergence to recruit high-quality people locally”.

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