April 23, 2020

Saur acquires two hi-tech industrial water companies.

In line with its Initiative 2023 strategic project aiming to grow strongly its industrial customers base, Saur announces the acquisition of Unidro and Econvert, thereby building-up a shared European centre of technological excellence for industrial water treatment.

Unidro is a global specialist in supply of technological solutions for industrial process water treatment, wastewater treatment and re-use (including membrane-based technologies and Zero Liquid Discharge technologies), particularly active in heavy industries. Econvert is a European specialist in the use of anaerobic biological processes for industrial wastewater treatment (and biogas recovery), predominantly used in the Pulp & Paper and Food & Beverage industries.

Previously focused on France and particularly its Food & Beverage industry (key customers including Nestlé, Lactalis and Orangina), Saur’s offer now covers all industrial sectors, in both process and wastewater treatment and expertise.

World-class technological references in industries known to be particularly demanding in terms of HSE and performance (petrochemicals, pharmaceutical industry, …) will allow the Group to further grow its industrial customers base. Saur will also be able to strengthen its international sales networks, supported by the strong presence of Unidro in the Middle East, Asia and the US and of Econvert in Northern Europe (Germany and the Netherlands).

Emmanuel Gayan, Executive Vice President Industry at Saur: “These acquisitions allow Saur to offer its French industrial customers state-of-the-art technological solutions, perfectly tailored to their needs, and reinforced by Saur’s high-quality local service. It will also accelerate Saur’s development of its industrial business, especially in its international strongholds in Poland, Spain, the UK and the GCC states”.

Acquisition of the Italian group Unidro

Mid-March, Saur completed its 100% acquisition of the Italian company Unidro, a global specialist in the supply of technological solutions for industrial process water treatment, wastewater treatment and re-use to heavy industries.

Established in 1971,Unidro designs and manufactures water treatment systems meeting process water and wastewater treatment needs of industrialists. It is a well-known first-class supplier of heavy industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, and Energy. It masters the full range of water treatment technologies, from advanced reverse osmosis treatment for process water to Zero Liquid Discharge (above 95% water reuse on-site) and Minimum Liquid Discharge (70% to 95% water-reuse on site), applying the high-end engineering standards required in these demanding industries.

With its 120 employees, Unidro provides every step of the water treatment solutions manufacturing process: from initial process design and technologies selection to detailed engineering, and from equipment manufacturing to after-sales service, including supervision of on-site construction, commissioning and maintenance activities.

Unidro has its own engineering centre, two ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 certified manufacturing facilities (one for pressurised equipment, and the other for pipe manufacture and unit assembly), and a control systems software development centre.

Building-up on a very International culture, Unidro reports annual revenue of €40 million and serves customers all over the world (with references in 35 countries), with a specific offer targeting heavy industries in oil-producing countries.

Unidro direct customers include all the world's major contractors of green-field industrial mega-projects (CBI, Chiyoda, Hyundai, JGC, KBR, Saipem, Samsung, Snamprogetti, Technip, Tecnicas Reunidas, Tecnimont, Toyo, etc.), and Unidro has delivered water treatment solutions in every corner of the world to all major players in the oil and gas industry (Adnoc/Gasco, Aramco, BP, Chevron, ENI, Exxon Mobil, KNPC/KOC, Petrobras, Petronas, QatarGas/RasGas, Shell, Total, etc.).

Acquisition of the Dutch group Econvert

Established in 2012, Econvert is specialist in anaerobic biological processes for industrial wastewater treatment (and biogas recovery). Saur acquired a majority share in Econvert on April 22nd.

Headquartered in Heerenveen in the Netherlands, Econvert has built its business around the use of patented processes for anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater. Capable of handling a very wide range of different wastewater concentrations, Econvert’s anaerobic reactors treat effluent by methanisation generating biogas, that can then be reused to generate energy.

Econvert is a key partner to the Pulp & Paper and Food & Beverage industries, and also provides technological solutions for chemicals and fine chemicals industries.

Serving fast-growing end markets with a state-of-the art technology, Econvert has been developing rapidly generating more than €20 million in annual revenue, and already has customers in twenty countries worldwide with a particularly strong presence in the Netherlands and Germany.

With more than 50 employees, Econvert works with the world's largest Pulp & Paper groups (DS Smith, Kimberly Clark, Palm, Sappi, Smurfit Kappa, etc.), and has a great potential for future expansion in the Food & Beverage industry, where its customer-base already includes AB InBev, Döhler and CCU. The company has also developed expertise in, and an attractive model for, equipment rental and maintenance services.

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