February 07, 2022

Saur adopts a purpose and unveils a new brand identity in support of its new ambition to become the champion of the water transition by 2030

  • Two years ahead of its 2025 targets, the Group is now announcing a turnover target of €3bn by 2030.
  • Building on the successful transformation of its model, Saur is setting a course for 2030 by unveiling its new roadmap to become the champion of the water transition.
  • To formalize its new corporate project and amplify its growth momentum, the Saur Group is adopting a purpose and unveiling a complete overhaul of its brand identity.

Following a successful transformation, Saur announces its ambition to become the champion of the water transition by 2030

Since 2020, the Group has consolidated its performance model, made its structure more local, increased its international presence and accelerated the ramp-up of its portfolio of technological solutions.

Two years ahead of its 2025 targets, the Group is now setting a course for 2030, with a strategic roadmap focused on the circular economy. Saur’s ambition is to become the champion of the water transition, i.e. the best partner to support its customers and communities towards more sustainable and resilient models of water use.

This pivotal year in 2022 will be devoted to consolidating the foundations of this strategy’s success, with two major focuses:

  • Increasing the Group’s know-how, by continuing its growth around the world thanks to an ambitious recruitment policy, the strengthening of synergies and expertise to identify future practices, and the continuous improvement of processes.
  • Finalizing the transformation of Saur’s model by placing the CSR roadmap at the heart of strategic directions and decisions in order to better prepare for 2025 and 2030.

To mark this new period of conquest, the Group is reasserting its commitments by giving itself a purpose and unveiling a complete overhaul of its brand identity

Having laid the foundations for a committed business model based on mutual enhancement of financial and extra-financial performance, the Group is now beginning a new chapter by adopting a purpose, in order to restore to water the value it deserves:

To advocate that everyone (municipalities, industries, citizens, farmers, NGOs, and civil society as a whole) gives water the value it deserves. Beyond our initial business – that of providing an adequate supply and responsible treatment of high-quality water – we are committed to act and to convince others so that together we can invest to save water and invent new models to preserve the most precious resource on our planet.” 

Drawing on this purpose, Saur intends to better respond to environmental and social issues related to water management for its customers and partners. All of the Group’s decisions and actions will now be guided by these principles, hand in hand with all of its stakeholders.

This strategic acceleration is also being accompanied by a complete overhaul of Saur’s brand identity. It is the expression of a dynamic company, attentive to its stakeholders and focused on the future. With its brand signature, Mission Water, Saur reaffirms its commitments to act, campaign and unite all players, to create a more secure world for future generations.

Patrick Blethon, Executive Chairman of the Saur Group, says: “In two years, the Saur Group has established itself as a player that counts on the water market throughout the world. This is the result of our strategic choices, which have enabled us to rebalance our risk profile and compile a portfolio of first-class technical and technological solutions to support our committed vision for the protection of water. We are now entering an acceleration phase which will demonstrate the strength of our model and which, thanks to the involvement and talent of all our employees, will make Saur the champion of the water transition by 2030.”

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