June 07, 2022

Saur and Aquassay sign a partnership to offer joint solutions adapted to regions’ water transition challenges

Saur has signed a partnership with Aquassay, an engineering company specializing in water efficiency, to develop and offer its customers new solutions designed to develop water usage leading to more rational consumption. With this partnership, the Saur group confirms its ambition to become the champion of the water transition by 2030 and positions itself as a preferred partner to meet its customers’ water challenges.

Optimizing the use of water resources with local authorities and industrial companies

To help regions adapt in the face of increasing water stress linked to climate change and changing water uses, it is also necessary to change the way in which we approach these uses, measure them and understand them, in order to progress towards more joined-up management of resources.

This is the whole basis of the partnership between Saur and Aquassay, which aims to support the Group’s customers, local authorities and industrial companies in assessing their water uses, analyzing their facilities’ potential savings and implementing new models to support them in their water transition.

These strategies explore all water efficiency actions, from better consumption to better production and less discharge, mainly by improving the efficiency of uses and treatment among large consumers.

Reinforcing the Group’s positive impact for rational management of water

In line with its CSR strategy, its 2021-25 roadmap and the performance indicators to which the Group committed at the end of 2021 on the issue of its first sustainable bonds, Saur is determined to take action to reduce water consumption at all the facilities entrusted to it.

With the support of Aquassay, Saur will be able to better identify the water saving measures available to it, in terms of the performance of networks and treatment plants or in terms of the end consumption of its customers (industrial companies, local authorities and users).

Patrick Blethon, Executive Chairman of the Saur group: “This new partnership demonstrates our commitment to the coalition of all players in the water sector to give water the value it deserves. I am proud of the partnership concluded with Aquassay, which is pursuing the same ambition as our Group: to ensure the water transition of all players, local authorities and industrial companies by developing concrete solutions to optimize consumption in order to protect and preserve our planet’s most precious resource.”

Stéphane Gilbert, President of Aquassay: “When we founded Aquassay in 2015, our analysis of the situation was simple: water management, the end of the ‘open bar’ era. Our ambition was therefore to develop a new water management strategy, adapted to the unsettled world we are entering. We have since demonstrated the usefulness of this strategy, as well as the methods and tools associated with it, particularly by supporting global industrial leaders. The agreement signed with the Saur group today is a major step in the large-scale deployment of this strategy and we are particularly pleased to have found in this new partner an ally fully committed to the water transition, with objectives and business intelligence worthy of this global and vital issue.”

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