March 27, 2023

Saur announces the official opening of a unique environment dedicated to the future of water: Aquaverse By Saur

Today's unprecedented pressure on water resources makes reviewing our current industry models an urgent imperative. Saur is resolved to play its full part in addressing this vital challenge by bringing all stakeholders together around an ambitious project: valuing water as it deserves to be valued. Aquaverse by Saur is a unique environment dedicated to developing the innovations, digital solutions and technologies needed to build a better future for water in conjunction with all stakeholders.

A digital and technological innovation accelerator for the water transition

Saur has set itself the target of becoming the champion of the water transition by 2030, and is doing everything in its power to support its entire ecosystem in making this transition. From this perspective, aquaverse By Saur has been designed as a groundbreaking approach to collective and participative intelligence, and embraces the full range of Saur Group digital and technological expertise.

With twenty dedicated experts, Aquaverse By Saur offers an effective methodology for co-constructing the solutions of tomorrow that will protect and conserve water resources, and build Water Smart Territories at the cutting edge of the issues facing our societies, and the challenges they impose. An audit and analysis phase to identify the issues at play in the target territory is followed by a presentation of the solutions implemented by Saur to co-construct a bespoke action plan and propose appropriate digital and/or technological solutions.

Aquaverse By Saur, an international network of experts, available to discuss the full range of issues around water resource management. One of the most important aspects of this network is that it will improve overall understanding of current issues and provide the opportunity to learn more about original methods implemented around the world through conferences, round table discussions and participative workshops.

The inexhaustible resource that is data

Unlike water, data is an inexhaustible resource whose analysis enables remote smart management of infrastructure facilities, in addition to physical maintenance and repair. To take full advantage of these opportunities, Saur is rolling out a series of new predictive digital solutions and putting digital technology and innovation at the heart of its strategy. As part of encouraging and facilitating new operating methods and extending its expertise in data science, Saur has created its own Data & Digital Center to provide a digital factory dedicated to the industrialization of data-driven innovations.

Saur is leveraging the power of digital to improve leak detection accuracy throughout the 170,000 km of water supply networks managed by the Group in France to reduce excess consumption of water resources, at the same time as reducing local authority capital expenditure on pipeline renewals. In operational settings, the Saur Hypervision solution makes it possible to cross-reference data from all information systems within a given territory to create a global, reliable and optimized overview of water infrastructures.

Drought: further evidence of the need for urgent action

After the unprecedented drought conditions of summer 2022, which resulted in water shortages in many local authority areas, the low rainfall of the autumn and winter period was insufficient to fully replenish groundwater resources, triggering extreme pressure at territory level and highlighting the need for urgent action. On the eve of the French government's announcement of its water plan, Saur is resolved to play its full part in succeeding in this challenge by bringing together a broad spectrum of stakeholders to accelerate the water transition.

The Aquaverse By Saur ecosystem

Patrick Blethon, Executive Chairman of Saur Group : “Today, we are extremely proud to unveil “Aquaverse By Saur”, a unique environment that concentrates all our Group expertise and encapsulates the unifying movement we have initiated: valuing water as it deserves to be valued. This is the space in which we will build the future of resource management hand-in-hand with our local authority and industrial customers. It is also the environment in which we will unite all stakeholders around the pressing issues of water.”

Alice Guehennec, Group Chief Digital and Information Officer at Saur : “Aquaverse By Saur” is the physical representation of Saur Group digital expertise. We are in no doubt whatsoever that digital technology is a major lever for the protection and conservation of water resources. Today’s Saur is a data-driven company, and is taking this bold new step into the future by presenting a visionary space dedicated to innovation, digital solutions and technology to support local authorities and industrial users deliver their own water transition.”

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