October 01, 2019

Saur expands its presence in Poland with the acquisition of industrial effluent treatment specialist Separator Services

Saur announces its acquisition of the Polish company Separator Services. Established in 1996, Separator Services is a specialist in the treatment of industrial effluents. This new acquisition expands Saur's presence in Poland beyond its existing locations in Gdansk (Saur Neptun Gdansk), Warsaw (Saur Polska) and Konstancyn (Saur Konstanca).

Saur has acquired 100% control of the Polish company Separator Services based at Piaseczno, in the north-eastern region of Mazovian Voivodeship. The company leads its market as a specialist in wastewater treatment services for industrial customers - airports, military installations, filling stations, motorway operators, etc. - with particular expertise in the separation of liquid industrial effluents containing a mixture of hydrocarbons and water. Separator Services has its own treatment facility and currently employs 60 people.

The acquisition gives Saur Polska, the Saur subsidiary based in Warsaw, the opportunity to expand into the industrial effluent treatment market, which continues to grow as a direct result of changes in regulation and the introduction of tighter discharge controls.

It is also integral to Saur's policy of expanding its presence in Poland, where central government and local authorities have awarded the Group substantial contracts, like the one for the city of Gdansk, where 91% of residents say they are now satisfied with the quality of the drinking water they receive. On the basis of these results, the city’s port authority has very recently contracted Saur to supply drinking water and wastewater treatment services for its harbour installations (600 Ha), as well as supplying water to ships using the port. The Group’s expertise is also at work under the terms of its wastewater treatment contract for the city of Konstancyn (24,000 residents) on the outskirts of Warsaw.

Saur Executive Chairman Louis-Roch Burgard: “The Separator Services acquisition further underlines our commitment to expand in Poland, where we have had an operating presence since 1992. Separator Services provides expert capability in a high-potential market that demands specialist technical skills against the background of a regulatory structure engaged in the process of fundamental change”.

The cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed.

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