November 16, 2020

Saur finalizes its acquisition of Nijhuis and creates a new Industry Division to accelerate its growth

Saur confirms completion of its acquisition of Nijhuis Industries, the Dutch leader in industrial water treatment solutions, initially announced on June 18 this year. The Saur Group will now bring Saur Industrie, Unidro and Econvert together with Nijhuis to form its new Industry Division. As previously announced, the new division will be headed up by Menno Holterman, who joined the Saur General Management Committee in July, and Ronald Ruijtenberg as CFO who joined the Group Executive Committee.

The Group has restated its ambition to make this sector of its business a growth driver for the Group, and has set the target of boosting annual revenue from the current €200 million to €500 million between now and 2025 by leveraging its comprehensive portfolio of technologies. This announcement marks a new stage in the internationalization of the Group, since this is the first time in the history of Saur that the headquarters of one of its divisions will be located outside France.

The creation of this new division further illustrates and highlights its ambition to make its role as a defender of water a central commitment that will drive its future growth. Patrick Blethon, Chief Executive Officer of the Saur Group: “Only a clean industry will be able to deliver an effective response to the ecological and reindustrialization issues that are now central to the concerns of our regions. Saur wants to work closely with industrial companies and local authorities to succeed in the challenge of building European industrial sovereignty.”

Accelerating the growth of Saur by satisfying the growing demand of its industrial customers

Following completion of the Nijhuis Industries acquisition, the Saur Group will now bring all those entities serving industrial customers together within the new division. As a result, Saur Industry, Unidro and Econvert will gradually merge with Nijhuis over the coming months to create the new Industry Division with effect from January 2021.

It is therefore clear that this strategic investment by the Saur Group puts industry at the heart of its growth model. Following the acquisitions of Econvert and Unidro just a few months ago, the Group's industrial base is now fully strengthened with the arrival of Nijhuis Industries in a consolidation that has taken annual revenue in this segment from €50 million at the start of this year to €200 million today. Its target is to increase Industry Division annual revenue to €500 million by 2025, making a considerable contribution to the Saur Group revenue target of €2 billion.

A division that powers innovation at the heart of the growth strategy

Supported by our unique ‘customer for life approach’ this merger will also enable us to build a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and adaptive solutions for industrial water users: the Saur Group is now a leading actor in this global market contributing to a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future. This portfolio should also benefit other Group businesses, especially the Water Management Division (outsourced public services), which will be able to distribute the tech solutions of Nijhuis, including solutions for treating micropollutants.

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