December 18, 2023

Saur is proud to become the Official Supplier in Water Technologies of the Orient Express Racing Team for the 37th edition of the America's Cup.

The Orient Express Racing Team and Saur Group, the global leader in water transition, join forces in favor of water resource preservation. In the upcoming edition of the America's Cup, taking place in Spain, Saur becomes the Official Supplier in Water Technologies for the French team. Saur and the Orient Express Racing Team are proud to unveil the comprehensive system for the management and recycling of wastewater (grey and black) that will save half of the water consumed at the French base in Barcelona.

The water footprint of the Orient Express Racing Team optimized through Saur technologies.

The Saur Group will be deploying two innovative solutions at the Orient Express Racing Team's base camp to help reduce its water footprint.

The first involves treating grey water (rain and showers) so that it can be reused. This grey water will be treated using cutting-edge technologies developed by the Saur Group which guarantees the production of quality water that meets strict standards. The treated water can then be reused for flushing, showers and boat washing, halving overall water use at the French base.

The second solution focuses on treating wastewater from bathrooms and kitchens. Saur will install a mobile Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Unit (BWTU), which effectively treats the wastewater of 150 people per day while offering a cost-effective and circular solution. With a carbon filter and a UV lamp, the BWTU will guarantee in-depth treatment, enabling virtually all the wastewater to be treated and discharged back into the environment with a superior compatible quality.

#MissionWater, working together to create new models.

Saur Group is proud to partner with the Orient Express Racing Team for the 37th edition of the America's Cup. This partnership embodies the Group's commitment to water resource protection, as well as diversity and the promotion of young talents. From waste reduction strategies to eco-responsible resource management, the organizers are committed to presenting a competition that is more environmentally friendly and socially responsible. By incorporating sustainability measures, the America's Cup aims to inspire change, demonstrating that even the most high-profile competitions can contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. Indeed, it was natural for the Group to join forces to amplify its message: let's give water the value it deserves.

Stephan Kandler, CEO Orient Express Racing Team :We are delighted to be joining forces with the Saur Group, which is supporting us as an official supplier and expert in water technologies, because our core values are to give this sporting challenge a resolutely environmental dimension. Eventually, the Orient Express Racing Team will employ 115 people in Barcelona, where our base is located, and will receive nearly 500 guests a day during the America's Cup competition. Our partnership with the Saur group is a major one, as it will provide us with a complete mobile system for managing and recycling running water.”

Patrick Blethon, Président Exécutif du Groupe Saur : “Under the banner #MissionWater, the Saur Group has set itself an ambitious goal: to be the champion of water transition by 2030.That's why we're proud to be associated with the French Challenger to help it drastically reduce its water consumption thanks to the implementation of our technologies. It is the responsibility of everyone — organisers, competitors, sponsors — not to add further pressure on a resource that is already scarce in this region.”