February 14, 2022

Saur signs a strategic partnership with Obeikan in Saudi Arabia, building towards the future water operating model

Saur signs a partnership with the digital solutions company Obeikan to develop a digital business for the water and utilities market in Saudi Arabia.

A Lean-Digital partnership between Saur and Obeikan

Thanks to this partnership, Obeikan’s Digital Solutions will offer to our customers a Digital platform adding significant value to their operations through the integration of innovative Lean technology and practices. Obeikan’s industrial applications and consulting services are helping many Saudi companies cultivate new enterprise insights and intelligence that enhance their competitiveness.

As a water expert, Saur will offer its complementary digital assets to optimize water services. The partnership of these two companies will provide to utilities market an advanced suite to implement excellence on its operations.

Saur continues its digital transformation to improve its performance

Saur has big ambitions to transform the operation model of water asset management and water services through the prism of digitalization. For several years, Saur has accelerated its digital transformation, in keeping with its pioneering attitude, Saur has already integrated cutting-edge technologies of the new wave of digitalization: Hypervision enabled thanks to data, artificial intelligence, analytics as well as service innovations such as real-time scheduling or predictive maintenance. With data processing applied to water services management, Saur can automate, make more efficient decisions with the support of AI technologies. With this partnership, Saur reaches a new step by commercializing its Digital water solutions on the market.

Saur consolidates its position in Saudi Arabia

After several commercial successes on the territory, Saur continues its international conquest by joining forces with a local company recognized for its expertise in order to improve the Group's performance at the service of the customer in the territory. Through this alliance, Saur is also participating in the country's "Vision 2030" modernization program, including Ensure sustainable access to water resources and develop the digital economy.

Patrick Blethon, Saur group CEO
: “I am delighted to be partnering with such a dynamic company, to combine the strengths of the Saur group with Obeikan's cutting edge Lean technological expertise. Our goal is to use digital and lean technologies as a lever for progress to give water the value it deserves. Through this partnership, we will develop the future of Saudi water services by aiming to become the champion of the water transition and ensure better preservation of water resources. We are proud to contribute to the Kingdom's ecological and digital transformation in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.”

Abdallah Obeikan, Obeikan group CEO: “Over the past 10 years, Obeikan has developed a very strong expertise in lean management applied to industry. Our digital solutions enable our customers to add significant value to their operations through the integration of innovative technologies and practices. This partnership with Saur allows us to further strengthen our expertise and our presence in KSA alongside a major player in the water sector, a key sector in the coming years”.

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