March 14, 2022

Saur wins a new contract to operate Paphos wastewater treatment plant and establishes durably its presence in Cyprus

The Sewerage Board of Paphos - represented by Mr Phedon Phedonos, Mayor of Paphos - has awarded, following an international tender, the contract to operate the wastewater treatment plant in Paphos (Republic of Cyprus) to the Saur - Iacovou consortium for 8 years. The contract is worth €14.6 million. The site is equipped with technologies allowing the reuse of treated wastewater and the production of renewable energy from the sludge treatment.

A success to illustrate Saur's expertise to preserve water resources

This contract won by the Group in Cyprus confirms Saur's expertise in managing facilities that combine performance and innovation meeting the challenges of water resources in an area subject to chronic water stress. Within the framework of this contract, Saur and its Cypriot partner Iacovou Group, specialized in civil engineering, will be in charge of optimizing the installation and bringing it up to industrial standards.

In water-stressed regions, wastewater is a key alternative to meet agricultural irrigation and groundwater recharge needs. Water thus becomes a renewable resource. With a capacity of 19,500 m3/day, the Paphos wastewater treatment plant implements wastewater treatment technologies allowing the reuse of treated wastewater for groundwater recharge. Thus, the Water Development Department takes charge of 100% of the treated water to pump it to Ezousa aquifer with significant environmental benefits. This solution relieves the need for water for domestic use in the region.

The Paphos wastewater treatment plant also produces green electricity from the digestion of produced sludge. The sludge is transformed in biogas and the biogas is transformed in electricity with a generator which can produce 100 kW of electricity. This may represent up to 20% of the wastewater treatment power consumption.

Saur strengthens its international development and establishes a durable presence in Cyprus

This is the second contract won by Saur in Cyprus this year, only a few weeks after the Group renewed its contract to operate the Vathia-Gonia (Nicosia) wastewater treatment plant. This contract demonstrates the group's lasting presence in the country and the renewed confidence of its stakeholders. Saur accelerates its international development, and this project is part of Saur's ambition to generate half of its turnover internationally by 2023.

Patrick Blethon, Saur Group CEO: “We are proud to sign this new contract as it demonstrates our Group’s ability and expertise to in water stress zones. In line with our roadmap and our ambition to become the champion of the water transition by 2030, this success is a new step in Saur's international expansion. With this contract Saur reaffirms its commitment to support Cyprus building a sustainable future avec delivering class excellence for water services to its population. Saur is committed to restoring the true value of water”.

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