Xavier Savigny - Group Chief Human Resources, Organization and Transformation

At Saur, talent meets purpose

Every year we recruit nearly 2,000 new Saur people. Nowadays people want to work at a company with a clear purpose that is relevant to society: they want to contribute to a noble cause. Saur’s Mission Water is exactly.

Division people inside 5

Xavier Savigny, Our Group Chief Human Resources, Organization and Transformation sees it as part of his job to make sure our employees get all the development possibilities they want or need, while also focussing on attracting new staff to Saur. ‘The fact that our people are so passionate about their work and about water makes my job easier,’ says Xavier Savigny. ‘Once our applicants meet us and get to know our company and culture, they almost all want to join us! This applies as much to young people as to more senior applicants: age makes no difference.’

Values we live by

Values make a big difference to the company culture, says Xavier Savigny. ‘Beautiful values like solidarity, responsibility and proximity, and characteristics like autonomy and a team spirit, are the very fundamentals of Saur. Some companies are said to be very up-front about their values, while not always being very consistent in carrying them out. Honestly, it’s quite the opposite at Saur. There is no need to remind colleagues here of our values: our people actually live by them every day.’

Stronger together

There is a saying that when under pressure a person will reveal their true self. At Saur, that’s a good thing, comments Xavier Savigny. ‘Whenever there is a time of crisis – for example, when severe weather hits, like flooding – you see how people at Saur come and work together. It’s exciting seeing such a supportive attitude, with people finding solutions together that no individual could come up with alone. There is this feeling of being stronger together. That is family. Besides being professional, our company culture is warm, passionate, and family-like. It makes us proud to be a part of Saur.’