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Changing your cookie settings

Cookies and other tracking tools may be installed and/or read on your browser when you visit the website.
Cookies are stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet (hereinafter the “Device”) when you visit the Website (hereinafter “the Website”).
Cookies are small text files stored on your Device. Information on these files and their purpose is set out below.
Cookies are managed by your web browser. The information they contain may be read or modified only by the issuer.
The following cookies are saved on devices:

Cookies that are strictly necessary to make the website usable

These cookies are installed exclusively by Saur and necessary to browse the Website and use its main features and to secure your connection, for example when you are asked to reconnect to content or a service after a certain period of time.
These cookies can be blocked. However, the Website cannot function correctly without these cookies.

Session cookies

These cookies make it easier to access your customer account.
These cookies can be blocked.

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies are not essential to browse our Website.
Depending on the options you select, they measure how often you visit our Website and, therefore, help us adapt our Website to the needs of its visitors.
These audience measurement cookies are installed using the Matomo tool and this can be done without your consent.
These cookies can be blocked.

How to manage your cookies

There are several ways to manage your cookies. Any adjustments you may make to your settings may modify the way you browse the Internet and your terms of access to certain services requiring use of these cookies.

The tracking activity of a cookie requires your consent, which may be given and modified at any time via the following options:

- By adjusting the settings in your browser software

You may configure your web browser so that cookies are saved on your Device or, on the other hand, are refused either systematically or according to the issuer. You may also configure your browser software to occasionally prompt you to accept or refuse cookies before they are stored on your Device.

To manage cookies and cookie options, the settings for each browser are different. This is explained in the browser help menu, which provides information on how to modify cookie preferences:

• For Internet Explorer™:

• For Safari™:

• For Chrome™:

• For Firefox™:

• For Opera™: