Protecting resources

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Compliance with legislation on water resource quality

The European Union’s Water Framework Directive (WFD) has required, since 2015, that all European water resources have a ‘good status’. We help clients in different regions comply with this requirement by making our specialist skills in raw water quality monitoring and laboratory analysis available to them. One focal point in this work is the protection of water extraction points, for example, from nitrates, plant protection products and other pollutants that must not end up in drinking water.

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Reducing leakage

Another way of protecting water resources is to reduce leakage. In many countries, anywhere from 20 to 25% or more of drinking water produced is lost as a result of pipeline leakages. We tackle this problem by offering our clients, the owners of the pipelines, optimized pipeline management. The diagnostic, maintenance and renewal techniques involved are complex, requiring sophisticated hydraulic modelling systems and the incorporation of many technical, demographic, financial and geological parameters. We support and assist many local authorities in forecasting, scheduling and designing projects to upgrade or renew their pipeline systems. Our innovation and digitalization programs play a key role in improving overall performance in areas like this one.

Pipeline system modeling

In the quest to reduce leaks and energy costs, pipeline system modeling plays a key role. It helps us to optimize operating methods, validate structural and sectorization changes, and forecast network sizing requirements. This means we can help you to know when and how best to service or renew pipes in a way that matches your budget and ensures maximum service quality and continuity to your end users.

We tailor these services to your specific needs and restraints, helping you to draw up short- and longer-term plans.

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Remote, smart metering for higher efficiency

Our remote metering service is designed to provide municipalities with daily monitoring of consumption. This insight into day-to-day consumption issues enables us to optimize pipeline system efficiency. Increasingly, we are now also introducing smart meters for consumers to use themselves. Smart meters will make consumers more aware of water consumption patterns and cost, helping to reduce waste.

Game-changing innovations

Our broad portfolio of game-changing technologies and solutions means that both municipalities and industrial clients now have access to an innovative range that did not exist previously. One example are our ground-breaking micropollutant removal initiatives - a direct answer to the European Union’s new wastewater framework directives.