Industrial water treatment

Helping you take your environmental and financial performance to new levels

From industrial water production to effluent treatment, Saur Industrie helps industrial
companies to take their environmental and
financial performance to new levels by optimising their water cycle and the uses they make of water.

Saur Industrie has the expertise and technical skills required to provide expert management of the full industrial water cycle.

A panel of operational solutions, technologies, equipment and expertise tailored to your challenges:

Having the right quantity
and quality of water to meet the needs of your production plant.

Reducing the impact your production plant has on the environment and controlling your water consumption.

Optimising the cost
of your water cycle.

Managing the performance
of your installations.

Reducing the energy
consumption of your installations.

Innovation for industrial users

The challenges of industrial water treatment vary depending on how water is used. So a range of different technologies are needed to treat industrial effluents and process water (the water used directly in the production process). 

Water resource quality, water and energy savings, water re-use, energy recovery from effluents and sludge and micropollutant treatment: using data and expertise to drive and control performance at every stage, Saur Industrie implements increasingly innovative industrial water management solutions.

Operations, construction and service: a comprehensive approach that applies cutting-edge expertise to the entire industrial water cycle

Drawing on powerful synergies with all Saur Group core businesses, Saur Industrie helps companies to manage their resources with the aim of shrinking their environmental footprint and optimising their water and energy resources. In this way, Saur Industrie customers are able to comply fully with increasingly strict environmental regulations, at the same time as taking the efficiency and productivity of their installations to new levels.

Underpinned by specialist skills in equipment operation, maintenance, optimisation and engineering, Saur Industrie offers a broad catalogue of solutions tailored to the needs of individual companies in different market segments, but with particular emphasis on the food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, petrochemicals, infrastructures and renewable energy industries.

  • Food industry
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Papermaking
  • Semi-public industries
  • Energy
  • Renewable energies

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