Supporting our customers

Managing the customer relationship

The mission of our customer service department is to provide consumers with attentive and responsive local service. Our advisers can be contacted by phone, post, e-mail or via our customer website at

This online service branch gives customers the opportunity to carry out all their own account management tasks.

Home visits are scheduled live, with or without appointment, depending on the nature of the work involved.

In the event of an incident with the public supply system, our standby response teams can be contacted 24/7. Our customer services processes are supported by crisis management plans deployed in all our locations. A phone warning system allows us to inform 20,000 subscribers per hour of incidents in the pipeline system.

As part of working even more closely with its customers, the Saur Group is a member of The Union des Pimms, , the national French industry body that coordinates a network of local non-profit organisations responsible for managing local multi-utility customer service points.

Listening to customers and delivering satisfaction

We regularly measure the satisfaction level amongst our consumers as the basis for guiding action plans and improving the quality of service we deliver.

In order to respond as effectively as possible to the requests of our consumers, we provide them with three levels of contact :

  • Customer Services: for all requests and enquiries
  • Complaints Service: for customers who feel that they have not received the satisfactory service they should
  • The Consumers Department: for customers who feel that the complaints service has not responded effectively to their needs

As a final course, our consumers can submit their grievances to the Médiation de l’Eau, national water industry mediation service whose mission is to arrive at an amicable settlement of all disputes between consumers and companies responsible for managing public water supply and wastewater treatment services.

Making water available to the poorest in society

Because access to clean water is a basic human need and because ‘every physical person has the right to access clean water for drinking and personal hygiene at a cost financially bearable by all’ (Article L-210 of the French Environment Code), Saur is committed to enabling even the most deprived communities to have access to clean water.

We contribute to funding the Fonds de Solidarité Logement (FSL) French social housing fund.