A specialist in water services in France and internationally, over the years Saur has developed operational support solutions enabling ever more controlled, efficient and transparent management. These solutions range from specific high value-added tools and services (such as resource management or site optimisation) to the entire operational system via the CPO model.

CPO by Saur: a pioneer in the field of smart technologies adapted to water services, since 2007 Saur has been rolling out its technological revolution via the implementation throughout France and abroad of Operational Steering Centres (CPOs – Centres de Pilotage Opérationnel). These are unique platforms for monitoring, managing and analysing data. The Group’s CPOs meet ever-increasing needs in terms of resource management, optimisation of operations, technical performance, user satisfaction and the transparency of information for local authorities.

Specific solutions: Saur offers its customers cutting-edge technological solutions in the water industry, optimising control and protection of water resources and ensuring greater operational efficiency. For example, these include the EMI system for managing underground resources, as well as the Riventa solution which aims to reduce sites’ energy consumption.

Building on its experience and its vast facilities, the Group is also developing value-added solutions in complementary fields such as external fire protection (DECI – Défense Extérieure Contre l’Incendie) and management of golf courses and camp-sites.