Saur is engaging in a "0 paper" initiative and gives you the means and tools to facilitate your interaction with the Group and to anticipate the new rules on electronic invoicing.

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New regulation

E-invoicing should be gradually imposed on all companies with effect from 2024 (according to VAT regulations: article 56 of the Finance Bill 2020).

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Coupa, our ERP

We have modernized, standardized and dematerialized our management processes and tools from the purchase request to the payment of invoices with Coupa (P2P).

As a supplier or subcontractor of the Saur group, when the requested work is engaged by an order, you must use Coupa to submit your invoices.

Your access to the Coupa Supplier Portal provides you with the possibility to:

- Consult the purchase orders

- Submit invoices (PDF format) from purchase orders

- Follow the status of your invoices until their payment

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How to use Coupa?

Registration is FREE, to obtain access, send a request to, you will receive an invitation by email.

Once your registration is complete, you can log in to Coupa from the online portal.

User guide
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Other 100% digital solutions

In addition to the Coupa solution, Saur has called on Cegedim, another platform that allows us to set up EDI invoices.

We are able to set up an all-in-one solution from order submission (Punchout: access to your online catalog) to invoice processing (EDI invoices).

Your eligibility depends on your invoice and order volumes. To have more information on this subject, contact

Read our Purchasing Requirements (page 7)