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What’s happening in the world of water?

Interested in what is happening in the world of water? On these pages, we share news in the form of press releases issued by Saur, a broad range of Mission Water and Water Champion Stories, and publications.

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EQT, supported by Saur's management, enters exclusive negotiations with PGGM and DIF CAPITAL PARTNERS to sell 50% of its stake in Saur

December 28, 2022

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Mission Water Magazine 1 mars 2022
"We have to transform our industry"

With water management challenges growing in complexity and impact, Saur carries ‘a huge responsibility’, says our Executive Chairman, Patrick Blethon, in the foreword to our brand new Mission Water Magazine. "We have to transform our industry, so that we can rapidly transition toward circularity. If we falter, we will be unable to give water the protection and value it needs and deserves."

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