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Press Releases - November 20, 2023
Announcements for Saur group’s Organization
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Press Releases - November 8, 2023
Saur acquires CirTec, the advanced resource recovery and fine sieve expert
Picture 1 Saur enters into an agreement to acquire Natural Systems Utilities North America
Press Releases - November 7, 2023
Saur enters into an agreement to acquire Natural Systems Utilities and expands its water reclamation and reuse activities in North America
Press Releases - September 27, 2023
Saur France officially launches its operational steering center in Salon-de-Provence to accelerate the water transition of communities in the PACA region
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Press Releases - September 20, 2023
The Saur Group is fully committed to combat climate change.
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Press Releases - July 11, 2023
Stereau, the Saur group Engineering subsidiary, opens the new drinking water plant at Orly 2 on behalf of Eau de Paris
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Press Releases - June 29, 2023
What are your ideas for preserving our water resources?
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Press Releases - March 27, 2023
Saur announces the official opening of a unique environment dedicated to the future of water: Aquaverse By Saur
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Press Releases - February 20, 2023
The Industrial Water Solutions division of Saur Group further expand its activities with the acquisition of Suez Industrial Water Ltd
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Press Releases - February 16, 2023
Saur opens a new office in Dubai in presence of His Excellency Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD&CEO of DEWA, and extends its reach in the Middle East
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Press Releases - January 24, 2023
Saur accompagne les collectivités locales dans leur transition hydrique
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Press Releases - December 28, 2022
EQT, supported by Saur's management, enters exclusive negotiations with PGGM and DIF CAPITAL PARTNERS to sell 50% of its stake in Saur
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Press Releases - December 5, 2022
Saur enters in exclusive negotiations with Veolia to acquire Suez Industrial Water Ltd
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Press Releases - November 30, 2022
Saur completes its acquisition of Mobile Water Services and strengthens its Water Industrial Solutions business for the long term
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Press Releases - September 21, 2022
Targeting 100% renewable energy: Saur Group signs a major partnership agreement with Solarpack.
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Press Releases - September 8, 2022
Saur confirms its ambition to become the champion of the water transition by 2030
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Press Releases - August 18, 2022
Face à la sècheresse : Saur agit au plus près des territoires !
Press Releases - July 27, 2022
La Fête de l’Eau est de retour cet été pour sensibiliser le public au respect des usages de l’eau, cette ressource si précieuse
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