October 20, 2021

Saur Group wins a major new contract in Saudi Arabia and strengthens its international development

  • The consortium led by the Saur group has won a major new contract in Saudi Arabia as part of the country’s water infrastructure privatization policy, promoted via the “Vision 2030” program;
  • This contract covers the east of the country and provides an essential service to 5.2 million inhabitants in a region the size of France (527,547km2), particularly including the cities of Dammam, Al Khobar, Dharran and Jubail;
  • This is the second contract awarded to the Group in Saudi Arabia, following the north-west region in December 2020;
  • This reinforces Saur’s position in the Middle East and strengthens the Group's international ambitions.

A consortium of companies led by the Saur group has won a major new contract as part of Saudi Arabia’s water infrastructure privatization program. The group, formed with Miahona (Saudi Arabia) and Manila Water (Philippines), was awarded the contract to manage the National Water Company's Eastern Cluster, including the cities of Dammam, Al Khobar, Dharran and Jubail, for an amount of €51 million. The contract, concluded for a period of seven years, could pave the way for a longer concession contract from the third year if performance targets are met.

The contract covers the provision of a water management and distribution service across the region’s entire value chain, including drinking water procurement and distribution systems and wastewater treatment. The infrastructure covers 14,416km of water networks and 380,000 connections for a volume of 1,867,585m3 of water distributed each day. The aim is to increase availability, efficiency and service quality, while optimizing allocated resources.

This is the second water privatization contract won by the Saur group in Saudi Arabia. The consortium led by Saur, with its partners Miahona and Manila Water group, was previously awarded the contract for the North West Cluster in December 2020, particularly including the cities of Medina and Tabuk. This contract confirms the confidence that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the National Water Company has in Saur’s ability to manage large-scale water infrastructure.

This municipal activity completes Saur’s strategic partnership with Marafiq, the leading Saudi private supplier of water and electricity services, which operates in the Kingdom’s large industrial cities located in the regions covered by the Clusters awarded to Saur: Jubail (East) and Yanbu (North-West).

This latest success consolidates Saur’s position in the region and confirms the Group’s international strategy. The Saur group has made the growth of international operations one of the four pillars of its strategic roadmap, which aims to achieve 50% international revenues by 2024.

Patrick Blethon, Executive Chairman of the Saur group, says:

This latest success is a major step in building a lasting partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our globally recognized industrial know-how and complementary areas of expertise will enable us to continue to preserve water resources in all regions. The relevance of the Saur group's new growth model has been confirmed once again.”

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