November 25, 2020

Saur is accelerating its digital transformation with Capgemini to meet the challenges of managing water services at a time of ecological emergency

Paris, November 25, 2020 - Saur, one of France’s leading water management companies, has contracted Capgemini to implement and roll out its new Data & Digital Center, a digital factory for the industrial application of digital and data-driven innovations.

This collaboration between Capgemini and Saur is designed to accelerate digital projects and drive new ways of working. As part of its corporate transformation plan, Saur now wants to acquire the capabilities it needs to deliver innovative technological projects that boost its commercial performance and operational excellence, and apply them on an industrial scale to digitalize its business lines.

This digital factory went live in February, and will run for three years with its staff of around 90 Capgemini and Saur employees from all business lines: specialists in transformation consulting, business application development, customer experience, data processing, engineering and industrial computing. This multidisciplinary team is working on the basis of SAFe[1] methodology to invent, implement and industrially apply solutions that meet the major challenges of Saur's marketplace, which is shaped by water-related environmental and health challenges: more digital, more innovation, more interaction with consumers, greater performance and added value, and transparent, simple and secure access to data.

The ultimate goal is to provide local authorities, industrial companies and consumers with new tools that power them to become active stakeholders, rather than purely consumers of water at regional level.

The digital factory delivers its first water management improvement services

Ready for deployment since July 2020, one of the first of these new services focuses on managing the volumes of water to be treated by Saur-managed wastewater treatment plants. Processing plant-generated data and cross-referencing them with external data - especially weather data - using machine learning[2] tools allows us to forecast input volumes and calibrate plants for optimal water management. Other new services now in the rollout phase are concerned with drought management and water resource conservation.

From data to end-user customer

The scope of the collaboration also includes defining the global architecture for the Saur information system and redesigning the relationship with consumers by developing apps and websites that offer new and upgraded services.

“Data and digital technologies are central to Saur's commitment to defend water environmentally and in terms of public health. Digital stakeholders have an important role to play in this battle, where success will condition the way we live in the short and medium terms,” says Alice Guehennec, Group Chief Digital and Information Officer at Saur.

“Capgemini has made combating climate change a central priority, and this project illustrates our commitment to helping clients reduce their environmental footprint. We are delighted to make the full spectrum of our expertise available to Saur in this strategically important phase of its transformation, and help them achieve their business goals,” explains David Torrin, Head of Energy, Utilities, Resources and Chemicals at Capgemini France.

[1] SAFe® stands for Scaled Agile Framework®. This framework encompasses Lean, Agile and DevOps best practices, values and principles. For more information, visit:

[2] Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses mathematical and statistical techniques to give computers the ability to ‘learn’ from data. cf.

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