December 04, 2018

Saur is appointed to manage wastewater for the urban authority of Dinan in the French Department of Côtes-d’Armor

The urban authority of Dinan has opted for a new governance structure to manage its public wastewater drainage and treatment system with the formation of a SEMOP single-transaction public/private company called Eaux de Dinan-Assainissement, which will begin trading on 1 January 2019. The urban authority of Dinan (a community of 100,000 residents in the Côtes-d’Armor department of France) has awarded Saur the 7-year contract to manage the wastewater drainage and treatment services for 25 of its 64 communes (600 consumers). The contract becomes effective on 1 January 2019. In terms of management structure, the local authority has opted to create a SEMOP single-transaction public/private company owned 60% by Saur and 40% by the urban community of Dinan. The management board of the company - to be known as Eaux de Dinan Assainissement - will be chaired by Arnaud Lecuyer, Chairman of the Urban Authority and will have eight members: four representing each shareholder. The authority has chosen to use this type of legal structure in order to: “have the benefit of the acknowledged performance and technical prowess offered by water supply and wastewater treatment specialists, at the same time as guaranteeing transparent, active governance”. Over and above this legal form, Saur has sought to structure its package of services around a series of ambitious environmental and infrastructure commitments:A carbon footprint reduced as a result of cutting energy consumption (a 14% reduction in electricity consumption by 2023), High Quality Environmental (HQE) certification for buildings, a 100% VNG vehicle fleet by 2022, the use of green energy for service delivery, and the development of eco-grazing for livestock • Greater effort to eliminate extraneous water from the system by introducing permanent ongoing diagnostics, real-time monitoring of public wastewater infrastructures and dynamic pipeline network management, with the overall aim of cutting the plant inlet overflow volume by 50% between now and 2023, and reducing the overall volume of extraneous water in the network by 5% by 2021 • Reduced odour pollution as a result of analysing network sensitivity to achieve a target of zero odour pollution (especially sulphur in the form of H2S) from 2019 onwards, and implementing a reliable and optimal replacement programme designed to ensure that the entire infrastructure has been fully updated by the end of the contract The Saur package is also rich in terms of innovation: • The introduction of a Home OCC to provide operations teams and local authority services with a real-time area-wide overview of the wastewater drainage and treatment service • The establishment of a partnership with the Pôle Cristal climate engineering research centre and the Saur R&D service • The coordination and leadership of collaborative innovation workshops involving local partners, companies and startups • The provision of support for the urban authority of Dinan as it consults on and considers future methanation and heat recovery projects • The introduction of operational innovations to boost service performance: metal pollutant capture, pipeline inspection without prior water jetting, the installation of corrosion monitoring sensors, etc. Saur has also set Eaux de Dinan Assainissement the ambitious goal of securing service management sustainability certification by measuring a series of environmental, social cohesion, economic development, governance and third-party relationship indicators. Saur Executive Chairman Louis-Roch Burgard: “After Saint-Affrique in Aveyron, Eaux de Dinan Assainissement is the second SEMOP we’ll be managing alongside the delegated authority. We’re very much in favour of this kind of joint service management, because it enables the information and complexity of water service provision to be shared, which is important, because understanding these issues is essential if we are to guide the local authority effectively in making the right technical and financial choices”. Arnaud Lecuyer, Chairman of the Dinan urban authority: “The fact that we’ve set up the Eaux de Dinan Assainissement SEMOP reflects our acceptance of the need to rely on the expertise of Saur, at the same time as allowing elected councillors to take back control of the service. The SEMOP structure means joint management of a joint public service”. Key figures for Eaux de Dinan Assainissement: 25 communes - 22,500 subscribers - 60,000 consumers - 400 km of pipeline networks - 65 pumping stations - 21 wastewater treatment plants - 14 employees dedicated to delivering the service. The communes involved: Aucaleuc, Bobital, Brusvily, Calorguen, the new commune of Dinan, Evran, Lanvallay, La Vicomte sur Rance, Le Hinglé, Le Quiou, Les Champs Géraux, Pleudihen sur Rance, Quévert, Saint Carné, Saint-André-des-Eaux, Saint-Hélen, Saint-Judoce, Saint-Maden, Saint-Juvat, Saint-Samson-sur-Rance, Taden, Tréfumel, Trélivan Trévron, Plouasne and Vildé Guingalan.

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