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Use your talent for Mission Water

Do you want to put your talent and expertise to use for Mission Water? Check our vacancies, learn more about Mission Water, or contact us right away.

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A purpose worthy of your talent

In a world where water resources are becoming scarce and at the same time people are searching for jobs with a purpose, we provide an answer for both. Whoever in our company we ask, no matter their age or job title, every single one of them wants to be a voice for water. And together we strive for water solutions daily. Do you want to be part of something beautiful? Do you join our mission?

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A warm, responsible, entrepreneurial culture

After meeting us, 80% of our job applicants want to join Saur. We think that has a lot to do with our warm, responsible, challenging company culture. We make a point of not only listening to the needs and wishes of our clients - as we tailor all our bids precisely to their situation - we also aim for maximum responsiveness to employees and a family spirit as colleagues.

1 700 new Saur employees in 2021
700 current open positions
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