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A pure player on the global water market

Saur is a pure player in the international water domain. We operate in 20 countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, the United States and Singapore. With annual revenues of €1.7 billion (2021) and 60 active patents for water-related innovations, we employ 12,000 people, work with 9,500 municipal and industrial clients, operate 4,100 plants, manage a quarter of a million kilometers of pipes,and serve 20 million residents with 700 billion liters of clean drinking water annually.

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Our History

In 1933, Pierrre Crussard formed the Société d’Aménagement Urbain et Rural, Saur, to design and operate water production plants. In 1934, the firm signed its first water service concession contract with the community of Villejoubert in southwest France. In July 2018, the European EQT fund took over the Saur group, with the Initiative 2023 Strategic Plan marking the beginning of a new era of growth and increased impact.

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Looking at the future

At Saur, we are keenly aware of the threats and risks our world faces with regard to water, and the urgency of these challenges. At the same time, we see exciting possibilities for a future that is cleaner, brighter, more sustainable and resilient. At this very moment, we are already building scenarios in which together we will benefit from the value of water in ways that work for communities, industries and the planet.

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Together we are Saur

Saur’s many disciplines and offerings are anchored across a number of different Saur companies. Many of these are highly specialized. All operate in direct proximity to our stakeholders - in terms of geography as well as expertise and service awareness.

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