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Leading change as a water performance expert

One of the characteristics that make Saur unique is the fact that we are a pure player in the international water sector. Our daily work centers exclusively on ensuring that those whom we serve have the water they need, in the right quantity and quality, at a fair price. We currently operate on three fronts: we provide drinking water, we purify wastewater, and we develop water management infrastructure. Beyond that, we are innovators, catalysts, connectors. We find better ways to work with water. We initiate mission-critical action. We build bridges between stakeholders, and between needs & resources. And we invite everyone who cares about water to join hands with us.

The journey of water

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Creating value in every phase of the cycle

With 4,100 drinking water production wastewater treatment plants in 20 countries and industrial solutions deployed in 140 countries, Saur’s impact is both local and international. We’ve contributed to regional economic development by delivering 3,000 turnkey projects to date. Our 250,000 kilometers of water pipes deliver security of supply to 20 million residents. And by retrieving and repurposing 95% of the sludge resulting from our wastewater treatment in France, we are contributing to more ecologically sustainable water usage.

How we can help you

Building water infrastructure

With Saur, you can count on the engineering and construction of water facilities that combine high performance with reliability, and innovation with modularity. This work includes pipelaying, remediation and maintenance.

Supplying drinking water

We produce, treat, supply and manage drinking water in compliance with the highest health and quality standards, and in ways that contribute to the preservation of this valuable resource in your region.

Treating wastewater

By collecting wastewater and treating and repurposing by-products, we contribute to cleaner communities and industries and to the protection of aquatic systems and to a more circular economy.

For municipalities: a partner who is intimately local

Water services are local by default. This is one reason why water services are the responsibility of municipalities: a public body familiar with and loyal to local needs and opportunities, and skilled in navigating the many different interests and forces at play, from domestic supplies to industrial facilities, from caring for the environment to budgeting for infrastructure and maintenance. With Saur, our 9,500 municipal and industrial clients have a water partner who operates as locally as you do - backed by the reliability and technological leverage of a leading global innovator.

For industries: the world’s best, tailored to your needs

One key to sustainable business in today’s unpredictable and dynamic markets is knowing which innovations are upcoming and when, where and how to implement them. The water domain is an innovation hotbed, with game-changing new purification technologies and solutions raising the bar for wastewater treatment, and digitalization changing the way we manage services, infrastructure and water itself. In all of this, we see partnership as the new leadership. Across 3 divisions and 19 countries, we bring together the world’s best, most relevant industrial water solutions - and work with you until they answer your specific needs.

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For water stakeholders: caring together

The complexity of today’s challenges, and the interdependencies between them, mean that no player in any domain can save the day alone. This is why at Saur, while we are a pure water player with nearly a century of experience, we see ourselves first and foremost as connectors. Why? Because this is what the planet needs. Because we care. Because we want to work together in solidarity with every stakeholder who shares our concerns. From politician to industrialist, resource manager to innovator, engineer to consumer. Beyond our expertise and services, we offer you this: bricks for bridge building.

Three divisions, one movement

Our three divisions - Water Services, Industrial Water Solutions, Water Engineering - offer a continuously expanding high-impact, high-technology portfolio that covers the entire spectrum of global water challenges. The common factor is our drive to provide people, industries, governments and ecosystems around the planet with water on demand that is clean, accessible, properly valued, and sustainable for future generations.