July 08, 2024

Saur Group's sustainable expansion in Portugal: a new acquisition with CTGA and Enviman

Saur Group is pleased to announce, through Aquapor, its leading water management company in Portugal, the closing of the acquisition of CTGA & Enviman, specialized in the preparation of studies and projects in the areas of Hydraulic, Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, as well as in the operation, maintenance and optimization of environmental systems.

CTGA & Enviman will enrich Aquapor's portfolio with environmental consultancy services, studies and projects on water infrastructures, supply of equipment’s, technology and specific maintenance services in Portugal. This expansion will bolster Aquapor’s offering with comprehensive and innovative solutions that not only meet market demands, but also contribute to the promotion of sustainability and preservation of water resources.

This acquisition reflects Aquapor's growth strategy, enhancing and solidifying its position in the water infrastructure operation and maintenance market, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, pumping stations, and networks, in municipal and industrial segments. The transaction results in the operational integration of CTGA/ENVIMAN into Luságua, a company of the Aquapor group, leveraging the competencies and operational bases in the national territory of the three entities to strengthen their response capacity and post-integration efficiency.

Nader Antar, President of Saur International stated: “CTGA and Enviman both hold prominent positions in the Portuguese market, built upon over 30 years of experience and expertise, which will contribute to strengthening Saur's leadership position in Portugal. This acquisition will bring us closer to our Group’s ambition of becoming the champion of water transition by 2030”.

“With this acquisition, Aquapor will further strengthen its leadership position in the O&M sector in Portugal with best-in-class growth track record companies”, states António Cunha, CEO of Aquapor. Highlighting that “the know-how of companies that already have decades of experience in the national market represents an added value for Aquapor, as it contributes to the creation of important synergies for the development of more sustainable solutions to face the water management challenges of the future.”

Hugo China, CEO of CTGA states: “It is with immense pride and honour that I see the companies CTGA and Enviman integrated into a world-renowned organization, such as the Saur Group. The strategy that we once assumed for the growth and consolidation of our companies, in the sector in Portugal, has now been recognized by this international Group, where values and identity are shared. We are therefore focused on serving our Clients, public or private, with innovative and efficient solutions for water management, seeking the best practices always based on solid and sustainable knowledge. The outlined ambition and strategy will seek to reinforce Aquapor’s position in its path and objective, aiming, with total commitment and dedication, to achieve goals and challenges in our joint mission.”