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Water, the core business of the Saur Group

At every stage in the water cycle, we provide our local authority and industrial customers with the expertise required to achieve a healthy balance between our mission to supply services and the imperative need to protect the environmental stability of the natural world.

Water is the core business of the Saur Group, which has been working alongside local authorities in France since the 1930s to manage water supply and wastewater services.

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Delivering a local service

Across all our core businesses in France, we provide services through 400 regional locations in local authority areas. This commitment to local presence responds directly to the specific expectations of our customers and the local needs of consumers. It is underpinned by our intimate knowledge of each area, its challenges and the future prospects for development of services. It also allows us to deliver the ultimate response when identifying risks and investment priorities for thelocal authority, and in crisis preventionand management.

The majority of our customer relationships take the form of French DSP public utilities outsourcing contracts, under the terms of which the local authority entrusts us with operational responsibility for providing water supply and/or wastewater treatment services.

In France, Saur is structured around a network of twenty decentralised locations, serving 7 million consumers through 6 700 contracted local authorities. We also act as a service provider for pipeline systems management, maintenance, technical support, water resource quality monitoring, and many other services.

Sharing our expertise

The partnerships we operate on a daily basis with our customers also involve us in sharing our expertise in areas such as:

  • resource conservation
  • regional ecosystem protection
  • risk prevention